Maina Azimio
Maina Azimio


” Knowledge that is not shared with as many people as possible is useless”
This statement defines Coach Maina Azimio who is an experiential trainer. He is the Founder and current CEO of Azima Wellness Consultants and Azima Retreat Center. He is a certified professional coach accredited to ICF (lnternational Coaching Federation ) and a Certified Professional Mediator. As a mediator he focuses on helping disputants avoid the long court process with property/commercial blips or disputes.

Maina draws from his real-life experiences having come from a humble background and weathered many storms like Mwakenya and played an active role to expand political freedom in Kenya until the promulgation of the new constitution in 2010. He quit employment in his 20s to focus on solving the problems farmers were going through in the 1990s after the Goldenberg scandal led to aid freeze and Structural Adjustment Programmes. He hates poverty with a passion and has dedicated his life to sharing with the black people how to start and grow successful businesses with OPM (other people’s Money) having established multi-million businesses leveraging other people’s money. He is a pan Africanist at heart and is excited by the common market for Africa. He is also one of the few indigenous Venture Capitalists who support start-ups and help small businesses to scale.

He loves scaling mountains to the summit. He has done all the big 5 mountains in Africa ( Mt Kenya 3x and Kilimanjaro 5x), the Swiss Alps, America Rockies, and Mt Bukhansan in South Korea, and many others. He is now set for Everest. He says conquering physical mountains prepare him to overcome imaginary mountains(fear) to venture where many people do not dare. And just like with mountains, he wins big!. His most difficult mountain to conquer was to bring down his weight from 98kg to 60kg in 2012. He has managed to keep the weight away for 8 years and counting….

He is passionate about healthy living and a champion of life longevity. He has dedicated the 2nd half of his life to teaching people to adopt a healthier lifestyle to enable them to live a long radiant life to 120 years that God gave man as recorded in Genesis 6:3. He focuses on the 4 pillars of wellness. Physical health, Mental, Financial, and Emotional Wellness. His focus is high achievers and the middle class who work so hard for everyone else and forget to take care of themselves. He shares practical and proven ways to generate passive wealth that will support a comfortable life to 120 years.
He is a conference Speaker and Corporate trainer in matters of Health and Financial Wellness. He says absence or lack of control in these two lead to anxiety, stress, and depression which lead to mental and emotional breakdown .

His challenge is why die @ 70 and you can live to be a centenarian like sir Charles through lifestyle adjustment and behavior change?