Olatokunbo Ige
Olatokunbo Ige

“Excellence is my attitude”

After more than three decades of diverse engagements and working experiences in international human rights and humanitarian law, Olatokunbo converted some of her passions into potential social entrepreneurship skills and consequently obtained certification in leadership and personal development and human behaviour analysis with the most reputable leadership guru Dr John C. Maxwell. She is now a consultant as well as a certified Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Trainer and Exécutive Director  with the John Maxwell Team

She has been actively practicing in this area for almost 5 years through her work as Coordinator of The Livingstones Resource Centre (TLRC), based in Lome, Togo. She has extensive experience in accompanying companies, project development agencies, government entities, organisations and individuals in various forms of self-discovery, individual empowerment, capacity and skills development, and institutional growth initiatives. She has a niche for coaching young people and working with women to enhance their personal dignity.

She has excellent people and project management, communication, analytical, resource mobilization, advocacy, and networking skills and is a front-runner in developing partnerships across and among different sectors of society, especially in building bridges between African governments, intergovernmental entities, and civil society.

Her exposure over the years to African politics and political leadership both at the national and regional levels has strengthened her socio-political judgment which she uses in initiating and sustaining partnerships with diverse constituents. She has excellent skills in program conceptualization, development, management, and evaluation; training; coaching; knowledge sharing and transfer; coordinating and facilitating leadership programs, as well as, resource mobilization.

Due to her exposure and vast experience, she understands and is conscious of the importance of respect for diversity of opinion, culture, gender, and background and is fluent in English and French.

She is a devoted woman of faith and a trained Bible scholar, with a Diploma in Theology.