School of Leadership Excellence

Learn from former national leaders, business leaders, and leaders from every sphere of life. You’ll learn from their successes and failures and will be equipped to transform whatever entity is in your care.

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School of Personal Development.

In an ever dynamic world, the principle of continuous improvement becomes imperative for anyone desiring to stay ahead of the curve. Here, we bring together some of the world’s greatest thinkers whose singular goal is to keep you relevant.

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School of Business Excellence 

The desire to do business has never made a business success out of anyone’s dream. Learn from industry titans as they share everything they don’t teach you in business school.

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School of Family Excellence .

The dynamics for operating in harmony within the context of a family are hardly ever taught yet they are important for everyone. This school covers husband-wife relationships, children-parent relationships, and everything in between.

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School of Wellness & Healthy Living

The statement that health is wealth has been passed down from generation to generation and has literally become more of a cliché. The reality of the matter however is that it is one of the truest facts that if embraced could dramatically change the quality of a person’s life. A moment of illness can wipe […]

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School of Spiritual Intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is the most important dimension of intelligence as it is the closest to one’s core beliefs. This school teaches how to harness the resources of spirituality and faith to live a life of success and impact. 

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