Author: Wale Akinyemi
 Conquering Pressure

Conquering Pressure

You will never know what is in you until a demand is made on it. That demand will come in the form of pressure. Pressure is never invited. It just comes and it comes in different ways. Unfortunately, so many people today are letting pressure get the better of them. They are making permanent decisions based on temporary conditions. When the conditions change they then realize that they caused more damage to their lives than the conditions did. They are victims of their reactions and not victims of conditions. The effect of pressure on our lives will be directly proportional to the inner capacity that we have generated when there was no pressure.

If we can shift our thinking from reacting to responding we will be better at dealing with situations. Is there a difference? When a person is said to be responding to medication, it is a positive sign. If the person is however reacting to medication then this is a negative sign.

How do we move to a place where we respond and we do not react?  Consider the fire department. The rookie fireman starts work and immediately is looking forward to his first day of action. What he calls action is a disaster to someone else. He however looks forward to it and is not shaken by it simply because he is prepared.

This is not to say that we should now expect bad things to happen but it means that we have built inner capacity and fortitude when there was no pressure so that no matter what happens to us, we have enough inner strength to withstand and come out as winners.

The true test of what a person is made of is found in pressure. It is found in how they handled failure and unfavorable outcomes. What comes out of a person in time of adversity is their true value. The greatest credentials of a great person are expressed in their victory over adversity. If you want to know what people you consider to be friends think about you, wait. You will find out when you are going through turbulence. That is when the truth in their hearts concerning you will come out. There are people that you may think are friends today that are going to surprise you when the turbulence comes.  With this understanding, you need to navigate life in such a way that you work with people but you do not hinge your happiness on people. Relate with people but never see them as your source. The day you make man the source in your life, you are being set up for disaster. Build your capacity in the day of peace. Increase your tolerance when there is no provocation. Work on your humility when it is easy to stay humble. Learn to withdraw and enjoy your own company when everyone wants to be around you. Learn to dance to the tunes in your head even when there is music all around you. When you learn to do these, you would have done yourself the greatest favour. You will have fortified yourself against that day when things don’t go exactly as you planned.

This is the point where all great leaders arrive at and they speak victory in the midst of attack, hope in the midst of hopelessness,  joy in the midst of sadness, faith in the midst of unbelief, abundance in the midst of lack, and strength in the midst of weakness. It is the point when you realize that you are not a victim of what happens in your life but rather you are a victim of your reaction.


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