Learn from people who have walked the path you aspire to run on.

We are a platform that links learners with mentors who have walked the path they aspire to embark on. We help the visionaries of the future learn from the silly mistakes their mentors have experienced. Why make a stupid mistake if someone has made it for you?

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The Street University is that school of life designed to open up minds to new possibilities and realities. Through interaction with our vast array of instructors, the school will expose students to new ways of dealing with old problems as well as innovative ways of dealing with new problems as they emerge.

Memory is easier as it deals with history. Imagination on the other hand is what shapes destiny. The Street University is a school where you will develop and harness your imagination and where you will be given the ammunition to convert imagination to reality.

Learners will be taught how to convert book knowledge into street applications. Through this platform a crop of pragmatic revolutionaries will emerge who will take the simplest ideas and turn them into great opportunities and livelihood. It is not a test of memory which is what the schools of today are. Most people prefer remembering to imagining.

There is a vast difference between people that get education for certification and people that get education for solutions. Many are those who have shaped thought and the direction of the world without official certification or degrees. Without doubt they had certification from the school of life.

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